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Make Your Content a Priority,

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Increase Conversion Rates

A conversion rate is the percentage of web visitors who turn into leads. Increasing your conversion rate doesn’t happen overnight, but having a strategic plan in place sets you on your way to having more warm leads in your pipleline.

Reduce Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on your site but who leave after viewing one page. Encourage web visitors to explore other areas of your site by creating content that is engaging and which is customer-focused.

Drive More Traffic

Increasing web traffic is a key goal for many businesses. The reason why web traffic isn’t increasing could be the type of content you’re creating. By investing in different forms of content, you’ll attract a broader range of vistors to your site.

Content Marketing eBook

This eBook is for you if you’re serious about building leads through content marketing. In this free eBook you’ll discover the process, tools and benefits of content marketing.

Turn your web traffic into loyal customers and return visitors


“Emma has been a delight to work with. Great communication and delivery. She researched and wrote about a timely topic, and search engine optimised it. Would highly recommend.”

Tom Church, Co-founder, Latest Deals

I really enjoyed working with Emma. Her writing was always high quality. Emma, herself is a very skilled professional and she is open to feedback and communication. I'd love to work with her again in the future.

Svitlana Latysheva, Account Manager @ Only Way Online

I have used Emma as a content and guest blog writer now for some time. Her ability to understand the task in hand and produce clear, informative and well written articles is the reason I keep going back to her. Emma is clearly a talented writer and I wish her every success in her continued freelance journey.

Chris Williams, MD @ Network Freelance

Emma has been pivotal in delivering weekly content for our digital news in a sector which requires technical understanding and use of terminology. Her meticulous approach to research and her ability to construct well written and engaging pieces is fantastic. She gets the tone of the piece just right every time, she truly understands the audience and the sector. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma as a copywriter and blogger.

Chris Newman, Director @ Insightful UX 


Who are you writing for?

Who are you writing for?

Writing content for your business can be a difficult skill to master. But there is one question that, if you can answer it well, can make content writing a whole lot easier, and that is ‘who are you writing for? Why it's important to know who you're writing for If you...

Is outsourcing content good for your business?

Is outsourcing content good for your business?

With everything that’s happened this year, I think we’ve all started to realise the importance of content creation for business. Over the past decade, the way we market businesses has begun to shift: less emphasis on hard selling and more on relationship building....

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