Wow, we’re in the last month of 2021. Where has this year gone? It’s been a busy year with copywriting and content marketing. I expect that in 2022 brands will continue to publish content to strengthen their offering and build their online authority. 

As it’s the end of the year, I thought now is a good time to look back and see which of my copywriting and content marketing blogs have been the most popular during 2021. The list is compiled using website visitor numbers: 

1. How sustainable ecommerce brands get more sales with emotive writing

Emotive writing

Simply stating you’re sustainably focused isn’t enough to get people to buy from you. There are thousands of other businesses doing the same thing, so you end up blending into the crowd. 

To tap into people’s conscience you have to speak directly to their heart, and emotive writing is central to this. 

This article explains what emotive writing is (illustrated with examples), why sustainable brands need to include emotive writing in their copy and I offer five tips on how to structure your content so that it touches the emotional divers of your target audience. 

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2. Brands with great social media marketing during Covid 

This article was written in September 2020, 6 months after the start of the pandemic. It was a time when businesses we’re still in recovery mode; businesses with physcial stores had to try their best to build an online presence, and those businesses with an online presence had to up their game to compete with the increased competition. 

Social media played a big part in connecting with people, and some brands did a stellar job with their social media strategy, and others didn’t. Here’s a look at four brands that nailed their social media content through the initial months of the pandemic. 

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3. See what you can achieve with a content marketing strategy 

Here’s another nod to roundup posts – this one summarising the content that can be found in my eBook ‘Content Marketing for Busy Business Owners’. 

In this article, I delve into what content marketing is, how content works with the wider marketing concept, I explain why it’s essential to take a strategic approach to content marketing to achieve a healthy return on investment (ROI), and I include my expert tips on how to write content that converts. 

For those just starting out with content marketing, this article is a must-read. 

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4. 5 Marketing trends to consider in 2022

In this article, I’m leaping face-first into 2022 and exploring five content marketing trends that I predict will be a focus for businesses. 

As an insight, two of the trends I cover are storytelling and UGC – user-generated content. Both of these are relatively easy and inexpensive to introduce into a marketing plan, but if done to a high standard, they can be drivers of brand engagement. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the content marketing tactics I discuss, I include examples from brands who are already using them. 

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5. 10 ideas for LinkedIn content

OK, so this one isn’t technically a blog article, instead, it’s a LinkedIn article. A sizable amount of people read it, so it makes it onto my list. 

I’m always on LinkedIn, mostly connecting with people and responding to posts from people who are looking for a copywriter or a content manager. Shamefully, I don’t post a lot of content, but it’s a resolution of mine to do more in 2022. So, I’ll definitely be using some of the ideas mentioned in this article – maybe not video as I hate the sound of my own voice. 

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6. Is outsourcing content good for your business?

Content plays several roles in a company’s marketing strategy, including building their visibility online, offering helpful and expert advice to their audience and being a catalyst that builds trust between them and their customers. 

Every business needs to be doing some form of content creation, but the truth is it does take time. Time that many businesses, small and large struggle to find at times. So, what ends up happening is that content creation is done sporadically or not at all. 

This article argues that content creation, particularly copywriting, needs to be seen as an investment, not as a nice to have. It also includes tips on how to find the best-fit copywriter for you. 

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7. Promote your sustainable brand with content marketing

This article offers an in-depth look into content marketing for sustainable brands. Starting by explaining what content marketing is and how it differs from more-traditional marketing tactics like paid-for ads or sales materials. I touch upon why content marketing should play a central role in a sustainable brand’s marketing strategy. 

Following this, I discuss how sustainable brands can share their values and purpose through different content marketing methods, such as email marketing, social media and landing pages. I even throw in some examples from other brands as inspiration. 

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8. What you need to know about lead generation

Lead generation for small to medium businesses

People rarely buy from you straight away as they typically go through a research and elimination process to decide what they want to buy and from who. Companies can aim to capture buyer’s attention at the start of their buying journey with a array of content. In marketing this is known as lead generation content. 

This article is an interesting read for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of lead generation as it covers what lead generation is, the four stages involved in lead generation and the types of content you can include in your lead generation plan. 

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9. What is evergreen content

Something that’s mentioned frequently in content marketing is evergreen content. This term is used when referring to content that stays relevant and topical instead of ageing. The term comes from evergreen plants, like Spruce trees, that keep their green leaves throughout the year. 

If you’re short on resources for creating content (time, ideas, people) adding a selection of evergreen articles into your content marketing strategy enables you to offer timeless advice to your customers. It also gives you a bank of content that you can promote throughout the year or repurpose. 

So, for everything you need to know about evergreen content, make sure you read my article. 

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10. How to write a fabulous newsletter

Speech bubble for newsletter

An email newsletter can bring huge results for a company, but it’s often an overlooked part of content marketing. Maybe because it’s not new and shiny, or because the company is afraid to be seen as spamming people. When email marketing is done right, it’s not old-fashioned or spammy. 

For anyone who’s planning on launching an email newsletter in 2022 or beyond, this article covers the benefits of email and why in my opinion it’s one of the best forms of content marketing. I also offer five simple but effective tips for creating a fabulous email newsletter. 

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