I found this great definition of copywriting on kopywritingkourse.com: “Copywriting is rearranging words to make things sell better.”

The word ‘sell’ is key. The end goal whether you’re writing a social media post, a blog article or a newsletter is to make sales. 

Writing is really important but bloody hard. If you are going to tackle it yourself, here are 25 copywriting tips to help you create amazing content. 

I wish I could take credit for them all, but I can’t. Some are my own copywrting tips and others I’ve found on Twitter.

Copywriting tips to improve your content:

  1. Use contractions in your writing. E.g. don’t, aren’t, it’s… It makes the writing less stuffy. 
  2. You can start a sentence with ‘If’, ‘But’, and ‘And’. I know it probably goes against everything you were taught at school!
  3. Make notes on paper first and then sit down to write. That’s what 71% of people said they do in response to my LinkedIn poll. 
  4. Use basic words. – @JackHenryPaxton 
  5. David Ogilvy found that five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.  So it’s worth spending time on yours, because it might be your only chance to get your message across. – @copy_tips
  6. Keep the number of words in a sentence to under 20. 
  7. After you’ve finished writing. Read it out aloud. 
  8. Use headings to break up chunks of text. 
  9. When writing longish text. Get to the point at the beginning and use the  rest of the text to back up your point. 
  10. Don’t babble. Especially in business writing, you should keep your content concise and to the point. Don’t go off on a tangent and don’t use ten words when two will do. – @CrescentCopy 
  11. Make your offer so valuable to your reader that they feel they must have your offer. – @Hustling_champ
  12. Pass your text through the app, grammarly to spot any grammar mistakes. 
  13. Don’t let SEO dictate your writing. Yes, keywords are important, but so is readability. 
  14. Use personality in your writing. Nobody wants to read something that sounds like it’s been written by a report. 
  15. Write for the reader. – @JackHenryPaxton 
  16.  Write your text. Set it aside for a while. Come back later. – @wealthandvirtue. This is what most copywriters I know do. 
  17. If the words aren’t flowing. Leave it. The best ideas come when you’re doing something else. 
  18. Forget about the impact your writing may have, and focus on the act of writing only. – @HennekeD
  19. It may take a long time to write it. But it should never take a long time to read it – @AvoidTheRatRace
  20. Write as if you’re talking to the reader. 
  21. If it’s suitable to the text, use emojis 😀👍
  22. Include CTA’s. What’s that? Call To Actions which prompt people to do something. Get in touch, download an ebook, sign up to a newsletter are common CTA’s. 
  23. Avoid the passive voice – @DigitalMktingBD. E.g. I’m known for my brilliant advice. Instead use an active voice: People know me for my brilliant advice. 
  24. Limit each paragraph to an average of 2-3 sentences wherever possible. Readers digest information easier when it’s written in smaller chunks instead of blocks of text. – @WriteDirections
  25. Use bullet lists to present facts or important information. 

Short of time?

If after reading these copywriting tips you think ‘I’d rather someone do the copywriting for me’, get in touch. I’ve made it really easy for you. Here’s the link 👉https://catch-marketing.co.uk/contact/

About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for writing and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical mindset.