Christmas is when people splash the cash, and it’s the time of year where most retailers and ecommerce brands make the most sales. Whether you’re a boutique store, a high street name or an online retailer, competition for people’s £££s is tough. To make your brand stand out in the mix of Christmas messages, take a look at these Christmas communication examples from top retailers for inspiration:

Tap into popular culture

John Lewis

John Lewis is famous for their Christmas TV advert, but while we wait for that to be unveiled, you can plan how you’re going to bling out your Christmas tree. But why have any ordinary decorated tree when you have a tree that’s Instagram worthy. 

Thinking behind this message: What I think John Lewis is doing here is speaking to the social media obsessed shoppers, particularly those that want to share their lives on Instagram. Saying to people that they can buy everything they need to get their tree ‘Insta-Ready’ is a clever marketing tactic. It encourages people to share their pics of their tree on Instagram, tagging where they got their decorations from. These shared images and tags are effectively free advertising for John Lewis. 

Messages that speak to the heart 


Dunelm, the retailer where you can buy all the items that turn a house into a home, is tugging at people’s heart strings with this ad with the subtle reference to the things that we missed out on last Christmas; spending time with friends, family and loved ones. 

Thinking behind the message:

Christmas is when you spend time with those close to you, whether that’s housemates, your partner, friends, family or a mix of these. But last Christmas we legally couldn’t do that, only a bubble of six from the same household could mix. This year retailers are expecting people to go-big for Christmas to make up for last year’s sombre affair, and I think Dunelm are saying that they have everything you need to make your home a heaven of Christmas love and joy. 

Play to your reputation 


Waitrose has a reputation as being a premium food producer and retailer, and every special occasion needs extraordinary food and drink. So why have a regular turkey (or veggie or vegan alternative) when you can be enjoying the quality taste of Waitrose. 

Thinking behind the message: I think Waitrose is saying that if you want a Christmas dinner that people remember all year round, then only top-tasting food and drink will do, and this is only available from Waitrose. They don’t have to explain why their food is the best, because it’s reputation states its the best. 

Christmas isn’t just about presents 

The Body Shop

This whimsical script is found at the front of The Body Shop’s Christmas brochure, and it stands out as it reminds me of a note that you find at the beginning of a fictional story. It builds the scene for the rest of the catalogue where the theme is ‘joy’, and how that can be celebrated in different ways. 

Thinking behind the message: While Christmas has become hugely commercialised, I think The Body Shop is reminding people that the simple things like an unexpected Christmas card or a call from an old friend can mean the most. So while gifts and presents are nice things to give and receive, reconnecting with people you may not have seen for a while or even having a quiet Christmas with you and close ones can make the best presents. 

Make it fun with puns

Fortnum and Mason

For me it isn’t Christmas without a trip to Fortnum and Mason (I live in London so it isn’t too much hassle to get there). The description in this homepage web banner is an accurate description of what the shop looks like in the festive season. It’s like stepping into a shop that you might see on a Christmas movie.

Thinking behind the message: Nothing but fun and a bit of silliness. And why not, as puns are made for Christmas!

Have these Christmas communication examples inspired you to rethink your communications? If your email header is feeling ho,ho-less or your social posts lack sparkle, get in touch to find out how I can add some Christmas joy to your customer communications. 

About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for writing and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical mindset.