Can you believe that we’re part way into December already? It’s that time of the year when we all become aware that Christmas is just around the corner, and those of us who have businesses need to focus on getting to grips with our Christmas marketing.

I’m sure some of you have had a moment of panic on realising that you have little time left to get your holiday content planned out and written and are starting to wonder what on earth you can do that a) hasn’t been said a million times before, and b) isn’t cheesier than an aged Stilton.

If you’ve ventured into your inbox over the past weeks, I’m sure you’ve received loads of ‘Christmas’ marketing emails that are so blimmin’ obvious that you’ve hit delete before you’ve even noticed who sent it. I hear ya.

But what can you do to ensure your own emails, blogs, and social posts don’t meet the same fate? Luckily, I’ve thought a lot about this – and there are some ideas I’d like to share with you to increase your chances of getting your content in front of the right people and keep you out of the virtual recycling bin!

7 tips to inspire your Christmas copy

Look at your inbox  

There will probably be plenty of Christmas themed emails from other brands, Some of them (most of them!) will be awful but look for those that pique your interest. What is it about them that made you stop? Did any of them intrigue you enough to click on them? Use these as inspiration (don’t copy!), and then brainstorm your own titles and ideas.

Use song lyrics or film titles 

Now, this is an interesting one because although it can work very well, it can also go very, very wrong…

Going back to your inbox ideas, I’m betting you’ve received emails with awful, overused song and film titles (go check, I’ll wait). If you haven’t had any ‘White Christmas’, or ‘all I want for Christmas is you’ emails, I’ll eat my Santa hat.

So here’s my advice. By all means, get clever with those familiar lyrics, BUT please, make sure that they relate to what you’re selling, and do something quirky to make them stand out. Switch out a word and play around with famous film quotes. Don’t be boring!

Search ‘Christmas blog ideas’ 

Maybe this sounds a bit too obvious, but when you’re stuck for ideas, just ask good ol’ Google. 

I just typed ‘Christmas blog ideas’ into the search box and got 521,000,000 results back. And if you want to make it current, add ‘2022’ to the end, and you’ll still be rewarded with no less than 312,000,000 results. 

Spend a few minutes on any of the websites your search throws back, and I promise you’ll soon have enough ideas for many Christmases to come.

Be inspired by social media 

All the big brands (and the smaller ones, too!) have been busy with their social media marketing campaigns for weeks now. If you look, there are some really clever little gems, and there’s absolutely no reason some of their ideas can’t inspire you. Obviously, you must never, ever copy, but it’s amazing how you can get ideas for your own brand from what others are doing. 

And the best thing is, you can see what’s hitting the mark and what’s not by the comments and shares the posts are getting. From that, you can gauge what people are most inspired by and use those tips in your own posts. 

Find some great statistics 

I’m sure that somewhere, you can find out how successful statistics are in marketing. I’d wager it’s a decent number.

Everyone loves a statistic, and events like Christmas are as good a time as any to get clever with them. Did you know, for example, that if you bought every item listed in ‘the 12 days of Christmas’, it would cost you £32,049? Or that in order to get every kid in the world their gifts, Santa has to travel at a whopping 650 miles per second (that’s 3,000 times the speed of sound!)?

What clever stats could you find to use in your own marketing? Hint: make it relatable to your products, and you’re on to a winner!

Tell a story 

Blog posts are the perfect medium to tell stories. If you can find a way to tell your customers about your personal journey, you’ll sound relatable, which will do wonders for that all-important trust factor.

Does your business have a Christmas tradition? Has something happened that inspired you to create a new product – or start a new business? Do you offer something to your customers over Christmas that you’d like to share?

Don’t over-complicate it – just share a story.

Have a rant

Not everything about Christmas is cheery. Mix it up by having a little moan. Make it fun and non-offensive, of course, but feel free to use your words to vent. Maybe you loathe a certain Christmas Carol. Or you simply don’t see the appeal in mince pies. Perhaps it’s something personal to your workplace, like Maureen in accounts, who insists on decorating her desk with 1970s tinsel?

For bonus points, if you can use something that allows you to upsell or have an amazing CTA, Brownie points to you!

Not just for Christmas?

If Christmas has already passed you by at the time of reading this, don’t fret! Many of the tips I have mentioned here can easily be adapted to other holidays, too! Perhaps you’re looking for ideas for Easter or Valentines. No matter what brought you here, I hope you’ve found something that inspires you for your holiday blog posts. And if you’re looking for more great tips, hop on over to my blog page and see what you can find!