Copywriting & Content Strategy 



In the wake of Covid-19 a global sustainable ecommerce business felt it was important to invest in their marketing to boost their brand visibility. Strengthening their content strategy and written content was central to this plan.  

They chose to work with me because of my experience creating content for different media and for writing for international audiences. 

What I did

Their focus is growing sales from direct customers. Instagram and Facebook are their main channels for achieving this.

I work with the Community Manager to create a 3 month social media content calendar using their Content Wheel and PR plan as inspiration. The content plan contains ideas for social posts, stories and competitions.

I also support the PR & Marketing Manager on creating content for SEO optimised landing pages and their webshop as well localising content for their B2B & B2C newsletters and case studies.


Emma creates amazing work. She understands the objectives of the business and how marketing fits into this. She’s a really talented story-teller and her ideas help to sell the benefits and features of our sustainable gifts. Writing for a B2B and B2C audience can be tricky but Emma is able to create content that is unique to each.”

Community Manager


Taking inspiration from their content wheel and PR plan I create a bank of fresh ideas that allow the Community Manager to schedule 3 months of social content, stories and competitions in advance. 

I copy-edit content to make it readable by international audiences.

Working with the businesses SEO agency I write SEO optimised content for webpages to improve the businesses search results for these specific keywords. I also create content including product descriptions for their webshop.

I’m a valuabe resource for the marketing team as my assistance opens up availability for them to focus on building engagement with their followers and to secure more press coverage.

  • Create content for SEO landing pages 85% 85%
  • Create a friendly tone of voice 75% 75%
  • Proofread press releases & case studies 85% 85%
  • Create a 3 month social media content calendar 100% 100%
  • Localise B2B & B2C newsletters 100% 100%