There’s a debate currently taking place whether businesses should continue with email marketing during a crisis.

One camp says that it’s insensitive and that people don’t want to be bothered by unnecessary messages. While the other side argues that receiving email messages from brands they know helps to create a sense of normality – which is needed during uncertain times. 

And looking at it from a commercial aspect: if people stop buying, businesses could easily go under. 

My personal belief is that during difficult times, such as what we’re going through at the moment, email marketing can play a huge part in helping to spread information, offering advice and generally helping to lift people’s spirits. 

Here are seven brands who I think are doing brilliantly with their email marketing:

Baker Ross

Baker Ross are an online seller of kids arts and crafts. Having two kids at home at different stages of the pandemic, I’m constantly looking for ways to keep them entertained.

Baker Ross emails have kept me supplied with ideas for drawing, painting, glueing, sticking and much more. I look forward to receiving their emails to see what amazing arty things me and my kids can make next.

Their email marketing is great as they know who their customers are – parents and carers of bored kids, and they understand what their customers want – inexpensive ways to keep kids entertained. Their emails are personalised based on previous searches and purchases, so I’m shown things that suitable for my kids ages.


I’ve mentioned before how amazing Littlebird’s content marketing strategy is, but they’re excelling at their email marketing at the moment. This is a big feat considering most of the suppliers they partner with offer outdoor experiences. 

But, this hasn’t deterred Littlebird and they’ve risen to the challenge while still keeping true to their brand mission of offering families great experiences at reasonable prices. The team at Littlebird has been working hard to send regular emails with ideas of things to do indoors – supporting the mantra ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’. 

Littlebird email example


Sainsburys was one of the first supermarkets I received an email message from letting me know how they’re adapting their processes to cope with the circumstances created by Coronavirus. 

Over the weeks their email marketing has focused on giving updates on the work they’re doing behind the scenes to keep their shelves stocked of supplies, the changes they’re making in-store to create a safe shopping environment and details of the wonderful work their staff are doing to keep us all fed. 

Sainsburys email example

National Trust 

As a member of the National Trust, I love to be kept updated with what’s happening at sites close to me. Understandably, all of their houses and parks are closed, but I love that they’re keeping in touch to let me know how much they appreciate my support and about the work they’re doing to make experiences available online. 

In their last email marketing message, they also gave a huge thanks to their members who are key workers for the hard work they’re doing to care for us during the pandemic. 

National Trust email example

How can this picture of a stunning blossom tree not cheer you up! 


Cineworld is another brand that has had to adapt their email marketing quickly due to the virus. Normally the content of their emails focuses on new movie releases, but as all of their cinemas are shut, they can no longer do this. 

So, they’ve switched to offering advice on how their customers can keep themselves entertained at home. Their latest email marketing message was letting me know that the National Theatre is making screenings of plays available online. This is amazing as I love the theatre but shows can be expensive, but now I can see some of them for free!

Cineworld email example


As we’re staying indoors, it’s natural that we’re eating more. Well, I am anyway! 

Lidl is using this as a basis for their email marketing, and as well as updating their customers on how their stores are adapting to the changes required to maintain a safe social distance, they’re including details of instore offers and delicious simple recipes to do at home. 

Lidl email example

Lidl’s latest email has a lovely picture of Easter Eggs, and I’ll be munching on loads of these in the next coming weeks. Chocolate can get you through anything. Right?  

Just Eat

I love my food, but I don’t always fancy cooking. So sometimes I’ll order a takeaway. Food delivery sites like Just Eat are ideal for me as I don’t always know what I want. In their app, I can browse local restaurants instead of having to click through different websites. And during what seems like Lockdown No. 300, treating myself to a delicious takeaway is a little mood-lifter.

Just Eat’s emails are always pallet-pleasing – they use enticing imagery and keep the text simple. They get personalisation just right. Here they’ve used my name in the text, this makes the email feel like it has been written just for me.

Has this inspired you?

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About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for content and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical ethos.