Do you want to get more people to read your content?

We all know that writing great content in the form of a blog or article plays a vital part in driving more traffic to your website, but many business owners find it difficult to get people to read their content. 

You could think of your blog content as a link in a chain – it leads people to your website, where if you’ve got a strong CTA (call to action), your readers will see value in what you offer and buy from you.

But what about the link before that? What do you need to do to get people to read your content in the first instance? This is the step that business owners agonise over the most. Let’s break the process down, and look at what you can do today to link up that chain and get more people to read your content.

It starts with your blog content (no, really)

Before we get into what tools you need to get your content into the spotlight, let’s look at the content itself. Remember this – the main purpose of your blog content is to a) be found, and b) drive people to your website or landing page. So there are two main elements to focus on:

  • Making sure your content is search-engine friendly, and;
  • Giving enough value that your readers trust and like you enough to want to find out more about what you do.

That’s not so complicated, right?

When you write your blog content, try to have these two points in mind, and it will help you to focus on your message and keywords.

Create quality content

Some people write content that just goes on and on….and it doesn’t really have a point. I get it – they have a lot of knowledge about their company and their industry, and they want to share it with the world. Please don’t be tempted to do that – good content is concise, entertaining has a clear call to action and has structure. 

Good content starts with a catchy headline. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will click through to your blog post simply because they like the headline? So it’s pretty important to get that right.

A well written headline should give enough away to tell your audience what they can expect from your content, but entice them to click through to find out more. This could be in the form of a question, or a statement that needs further explanation. Lists also seem to do well (3 ways to get more blog readers, for example).

Try using subheadings within your post to give an indication of what subjects you’re talking about, and use short, concise paragraphs rather than big chunks of text, which are harder to digest.

If the piece is quite wordy, the use of images can help give clarity to what you are saying. Make sure you use hi-resolution, and make use of tags and labels so that your readers know what they’re looking at – this also helps with SEO.

Be consistent – if you want people to come back to your content, set a schedule for your content so that your readers know when to expect your next posts to be published. If your audience knows that you publish content on the same day every week, they will be more likely to look out for your posts.

Content promotion

Once you’ve done everything you can to ensure that your content is searchable, you’ll want to give it the best chance possible by promoting it. But how do you do that? 

Remember that first link in the chain we talked about earlier? It’s often the link that people struggle with the most, because even if they have an inkling of where to start, they absolutely loathe the idea of putting themselves out there and sharing stuff. This is the point where we become overwhelmed with self-doubt – and we shy away from being visible for fear of ridicule or rejection.

That’s natural, but it’s something you have to overcome if you want to get people on that first link. Without it, they can’t move through the stages to get to your website, which is where you need them to be.

You see, people think of promotion as selling – but it really isn’t. All you’re doing is telling people about what you have written, and giving them value when they click through and read it.

How do you do that? Well, a great place to start is with your social media platforms. Of course, you can simply link and share, but that alone isn’t likely to get you loads of views. Put a bit of thought into it – talk about the topic. Ask people’s opinions. Start conversations. Use graphics and images.

If you find you’re failing to get engagement on your social channels, it could be because you’re not spending enough time engaging with others – it’s not enough to just post and run, try commenting, liking and sharing others’ posts, and people will remember you and seek you out.

Repurposing content

This tip can work for both recent and evergreen content. Try re-using your content in different ways; if you have several blog posts talking about the same subject, make them into an eBook, which you can send as a freebie to promote your services, or even sell online.

If you have an article that went down well with your social audience, use the same content in an email campaign to drum up additional interest.

Brave enough to be on camera? You can create video content, either via social platforms or by launching your own YouTube channel – this can be another great way to promote your business, as YouTube is another searchable platform.

Does all that spark your imagination? If you need guidance with any aspect of your content creation or social media, get in touch – I’d love to help!

About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for writing and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical mindset.