What results can you expect from better content?

Increased Conversion Rates

You’re getting visitors to your site. Amazing! But if these aren’t converting into enquiries or sales. Then something is going wrong.

It could be that the site’s structure is confusing or it’s speed is slow. The mostly likely reason is that visitors are put-off by your content.

May be they feel you’re talking about yourself too much. Or the lack of content is preventing them understanding your expertise.

It’s easy to turn this around; choose to produce content that focuses on your customers needs and that reinforces your expertise.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Your website is like the shop-window for your business. It needs to show people what you offer while building interest so they’re drawn to come in to find out more.

You website has a high bounce rate if visitors aren’t staying on your site for long or if they’re not exploring past the page they landed on.  

The easiest and most cost-effective way to reduce your bounce rate is to produce content that is personable, to the point and knowledgeable.

Just like you wouldn’t settle for an outdated window display so why settle for crappy content on your website.



Increased Web Traffic

You may have a beautifully designed website that is packed with engaging content that is accessible on all devices. But if people don’t know it exists or if they can’t find it online, it’s useless to your business.

By researching who your customers are, what their needs are and where they go to find their information, you can produce a calendar of SEO focused content.

And, by promoting this content across different platforms, like social media, digital PR and email, you’ll see positive results in your search results that in the long-term will equal more visitors to your site.

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