You may be wondering why I mentioned when you get it? Don’t I have LinkedIn Live already? Well, you may do if you’re one of their beta testers or a selected user.

While LinkedIn has supported video content for a few years, it was only in February this year that it rolled out live video. LinkedIn Live as they’ve branded it was first released to selected users in the US and subsequently other countries, including the UK.

Why introduce it now?

Live streaming isn’t revolutionary. Facebook has been using the feature for a while now, but for B2B brands, LinkedIn Live offers a fantastic opportunity for them to engage with their audience through video.

Out of all the different types of content that can be used across LinkedIn, video gets the most engagement. Marketing Land, states that users are 20 times more likely to share video content in comparison to other types of posts.

How is LinkedIn Live different from video posts?

Even though video posts are the most engaging, it is a one-way communication. Video on LinkedIn usually consists of one person talking into the camera on their smartphone. Interaction happens after it’s been uploaded onto the site, through people commenting, like or sharing it.

Live streaming takes us one step closer to true interaction. It allows watches to like, comment or ask questions in real-time.

If or when you get granted access to LinkedIn Live, you can use it to increase brand awareness, boost sales or grow your business by:

Hosting product demos

Attending exhibitions to demo your new product takes you away from your business and its expensive to attend exhibitions. You have to cover the cost of the exhibition space, travel and accommodation costs and marketing and branding.

Instead, announce a date and time that you will be hosting a demo of your new product using LinkedIn Live. Customers get to see the product in action and can pose questions using the comments section, which the demonstrator can answer in real-time.

Holding Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions are usually held via webinars. Not everyone has a Skype or Zoom account but most professionals have a LinkedIn account.

If you work in a regulated industry, say finance or health & safety for instance, and there is a big regulatory change happening, you can show off your expertise by hosting a Q&A session which discusses the impact this change may have.

Promoting newsletter signups

Getting newsletter signups is difficult. There are thousands of businesses trying to get people to part with their email addresses, which means people are very selective about who they give their personal details to.

Using LinkedIn Live, you can give people a glimpse of what they can expect to receieve from your newsletter. You can even talk them through the sign-up process, showing them how easy it is.

Posting business updates

There’s no definite answer about the best number of times to post updates on LinkedIn. Some businesses have the resource to post updates daily, while others prefer 2-3 times a week. What is consistent is that it takes time to plan, craft and post a business update.

Cut out the hassle of drafting, writing and editing posts by hosting a roundup of weekly news via LinkedIn Live. Get someone senior in the business who is comfortable being the voice-piece to cover the top news from within the company.

Detailing job roles

Hiring in a candidate-driven market is tough. Candidates have the pick of roles, so as a business you have to work extra hard to show people that you are the best company to work for. Plus, hiring is expensive, there are different figures floating around about how much it costs to hire a new staff member, the highest I’ve seen is £30,000!

If you’re on a big recruitment drive, hold a live session on LinkedIn to discuss the roles you’re hiring for. Involve people who are already working for the company to talk about their experience.

While, this shouldn’t be used to replace the traditional recruitment routes, like job adverts, social media posts and workshops, it’s a great way to provide an insight into the roles you’re hiring for.

LinkedIn Live has the potential to be an amazing tool for businesses and could transform the way they market themselves and also how they recruit.

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About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for writing and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical mindset.