Who’s doing it right?

Covid has changed every aspect of our lives and sadly it will continue to do so for some time. With more people working from home, people placed on furlough, working reduced working hours or sadly losing their jobs, the amount of social media content and online content we’re watching has rocketed. 

Studies show that consumption of online content has increased between 50% – 70% since mid-March. And, 48% of people say they’re spending more time on social media. I know I am! 

Brands effectively have a captive social media audience. As we enter winter and people choose to stay indoors more, the amount of time people will be spending on platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram will continue to surge. 

Brands that fail to invest in their social media content strategy will miss out on increased brand awareness and engagement and most importantly sales. 

If you need inspiration, here are four brands that are getting their social media content spot on during this pandemic: 


Glasses aren’t the most exciting products to be promoting but a big shout-out has to go to Specsavers social media team for creating amazing content that’s both informative and entertaining during the pandemic. 

Scrolling through their social feed you’ll find a combination of posts reminding people of the importance of getting their eyes tested, cute pictures of dogs wearing glasses (well, why not!) and videos that explain different types of eye and ear conditions (yep, you can get your hearing tested at Specsavers also). 

What I like is that Specsavers is building in a lot of user -generated content into their feed. This takes the format of home-shot videos from Specsacers customers that discuss how Specsavers has helped them. User-made videos are a great way to create content when you can’t get out and shoot professional videos. 

User-generated content

Source: Specsavers Facebook

Twitter post on the health of your ears based on thecolour of your earwax – not pleasant but important to know!

Source: Specsavers Twitter


As a northerner, I love Greggs (their corned beef slice is yummy!) and their social media posts are just as enticing as their sausage rolls!

Their Instagram feed is packed with pics of scrummy looking food – sometimes in a cheeky format: 

Source: Greggs Twitter

But, there’s also a compassionate side to their posts and this is shown through their support for #standagainsthunger – a campaign spearheaded by Marcus Rashford to prevent families in need going hungry.

Source: Greggs Twitter

Natural History Museum

My kids love this museum and so do I, but, like lots of museums, it had to close during lockdown which meant people couldn’t enjoy their wonderful exhibits.  Even though the museum was shut, the social team kept us entertained when we were stuck at home. 

They used their social platforms to talk about the different exhibitions and artefacts in the museum, they held live talks on Twitter covering lots of topics including animals, space and climate change and they posted details of free things to do and to make to help keep the kids entertained – which every parent / carer needed! 

Source: Natural History Museum Twitter

They also showed how they were preparing to re-open with posts talking about the work they’ve been doing when the museum was shut: 

Source: Natural History Museum Instagram

It’s amazing to visit the museum again and when we can’t get there, they continue to entertain us with their social posts. 


Serving communities for over a hundred years, Boots is a trusted name on the high street. It’s boosting its reputation of being an accessible provider of health and beauty care with its social media content. 

Source: Boots Twitter

Their social content is a well-thought-out mix of informative, humorous, and reflective posts that are focused on leading a happy, healthy and balanced life. This is in addition to the posts that promote their makeup range and other health and beauty products. This may seem fruitless as we can’t go out, but there’s no reason not to look good at home!

Source: Boots Instagram

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About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for writing and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical mindset.