Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US. It’s referred to as Black Friday because of the chaos that shoppers cause – everyone is geared up to grab the best bargains, no matter what it takes. 

Black Friday shoppers

Initially an American tradition, it’s now embedded into our culture as well. Usually, the shops would be packed with shoppers but this year it isn’t possible as we’re in Lockdown 2. So, we have to contend with shopping online for our bargains. 

The emails are flooding into our inboxes from retailers who are trying to tempt us to spend our money with them. I’ve counted 10 emails already and it’s only midday – some of the retailers I haven’t shopped with since last Christmas! 

I’ve looked through each email and have picked out a few that I really like. If you haven’t sent your Black Friday promo email, I’m sorry to say it’s too late. 

But you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to communicate with your customers. In fact, sending email promos outside of Black Friday may lead to more sales as your email won’t get lost among all the dozens of others that are landing into inboxes. 

Examples of great Black Friday promo emails

Best subject line: Matalan 

The star emoji catches the eye and the offer is very clear – the recipient doesn’t have to open the email to see if it’s something they’re interested in. The line ‘The best Friday of the year is almost here!’ subtly refers to the terrible year we’ve had with Covid, but in a playful way. 

Best use of images: Baker Ross

Baker Ross sells a great range of quality arts and crafts for kids of all ages. The email opens with the image of the kid looking astonished at the 60% discount. This immediately grabs your attention, particularly as it’s shown on a black background. Baker Ross  have also stayed true to their customer base by using images of kids and craft products. 

Creative menu: Notonthehighstreet

Having looked through 10 or more Black Friday emails I can say that the majority have used text boxes for menus. Boring! It was a nice surprise when I saw that Notonthehighstreet has used a series of sweet images for their menu. Very creative. 

Best call to action: Notonthehighstreet 

I also choose the Notonthehighstreet email for having the best call to action. The message ‘Shop small this Black Friday’ is encouraging people to shop with small, independent retailers instead of large multi-chain stores. In a year where independent retailers have been hit really hard,  it’s important we try to support small businesses where possible. 

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About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for writing and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical mindset.