Summer brings a whole new vibe. The warm temperatures and sun, somehow makes everything feel relaxed and fun. This feeling also extends to the copy that brands put out. Playfulness and puns abound. If you’re wanting to get in on the act and feed in some summer feelings into your marketing campaign, here are some of the best examples of summer copy I’ve found:


Hats off to the M&S creative team, they always do a great job on pairing their visuals and copy, whatever the season or event. Here are two examples of how M&S are bringing summer to their Instagram posts: 

‘The perfect PINK-me up’. A great play-on the word of pick-me up.

‘Tis the sea-sun’. Again, playing with words that match the image perfectly. 

Costa Coffe

I found this enticing banner on Costa Coffee’s website and it’s certainly put me in the mood for a cooling drink (which is really needed in this 32 degree heat!).

‘Oh Frappe-day’. A great way to launch their new frappe range by bringing a smile to people’s faces. And, doesn’t the mango frappe look divine?


‘Next up: Summer thrills’. Great enticement by Easyjet to get people to book a holiday, particularly following two summers where many couldn’t travel. The image beautifully matches the copy; a swimmer taking a dive into the ocean and the thrill of what you’ll find. 


Destination summer’ sounds like it’s more suited for a travel brand, but the line underneath ‘Your sunny day wardrobe, sorted!’ brings the message together nicely. 

National Highways

‘Day trips are for spending with family, not tyre fitters’. This is so true! This post is part of a larger campaign by National Highways to remind travellers to check their tyre pressure before setting off day trips. 

Seen other examples of good summer copy? Let me know with a comment.