The Prince’s Trust

Website copy for The Prince’s Trust Grant Hub, the one-stop shop for funding for young people to start their business. 

Some of What I Wrote

Grant Hub Homepage

The Grant Hub introduces the funding options that The Princes Trust can offer and the qualifying criteria to apply. There was a lot of information to present, and research showed that people wanted it in digestible chunks, so it was easy to read on a digital device.

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Test My Business Idea

The Test My Business Idea Grant helps people test whether their business idea is viable. The grant has four stages, each with its own steps. Talks with people who had  received a grant showed they wanted  information to be in sections and important details bullet pointed for ease of reading.

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Start Up Funding

The funding page is complex as it must communicate that three funding options are available: a grant, a loan, and a grant and loan. Each has its own qualifying criteria. The most important part of the message is that it’s the young person’s decision for what funding they apply for.

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