I started writing this article three weeks ago – before the implosion that the Coronavirus has created. And, things have certainly changed in such a short space of time; businesses are finding they’re having to lay staff off, talented freelancers are having projects cancelled, and overall it feels like we’re stuck in a bad dream. But, I feel that this article holds lots of relevance as some businesses are unaffected, even busy. And, there’s no-one better to offer interim support than freelancers. 

So, if you’ve come to the realisation that you aren’t able to do everything in your business and that you need outside help, hiring a freelancer is the perfect solution. 

They’ll be up to date on all the latest systems and processes and they’ll be able to complete the project quicker than if you were doing it yourself, which frees you up to focus on things that you’re great at. 

Places to find talented freelancers 

If you’re going to be hiring a freelancer for the first time and you don’t fancy spending hour after hour trawling the internet to find someone with the skillset you’re looking for, here is my rundown on how to find a talented freelancer:


Using your connections, like friends, family and other business owners, is the best way of finding talented freelancers. If they’ve used freelancers themselves, they should be happy to pass on the details of someone they feel will bring value to your business. Plus, as well as knowing the quality of the freelancer’s work, they should also be able to judge if their personality will be a good match for your own. 

Social media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...

Every freelancer I know is on social media; because as you know, it’s fantastic for your promoting business. You’re probably connected to many without even realising it! 

Everyone has their favourite social media platform, and mine is LinkedIn. So, I’m going to cover how you can find professional and hugely talented freelancers on the platform: 

The leading B2B platform is home to millions of talented freelancers. This is great news for you, but you’ve got to be specific in your search. 

  1. Using the search function, enter the type of freelancer you’re looking for e.g. freelance copywriter, freelance graphic designer etc. 
  2. Refine the search further, by adding extra details such as location (if you want to work with a local freelancer), area of expertise (this could be industry experience or software experience, such as freelance web developer wordpress). 
  3. Filter the search results further to show first connections (people you’re directly connected to) or second connections (people who your first connections are connected to). 

You can also post on LinkedIn asking for recommendations but be prepared to be inundated with responses!

Freelance directories 

If you’re looking for a freelancer with a specific skillset or who has experience in a certain sector, freelance directories are a great place to look. A quick search online brings up an extensive list, including charitycomms.org.uk, journalism.co.uk and the-dots.com.

For example, I have a listing on the Procopywriters directory – click on through to check me out

Freelance marketplaces 

Peopleperhour, Upwork, Fiverr …

I was in two minds about mentioning freelance marketplaces, like Peoplepehour, Upwork or Fiverr, as they’re quite controversial in freelance communities. This is because they can be a race to the button for freelancers – freelancers from across the world bid on projects competing on price not quality.

There are talented freelancers on these sites who do amazing work – you’ll just have to search through the vast number of bids from less qualified freelancers to find them. 

Networking groups 

While you may be currently shut away in our homes, social distancing from everyone. You can still attend ‘virtual networking’ events organised through spaces like LinkedIn and Facebook and held on platforms like Zoom or Google Hangout. And, in time to come in-person networking events will start up again. 

Both virtual and face-to-face networking are fantastic for finding freelancers. Remember though the key to any type of networking is being clear on the type of people you want to connect with i.e. those who have a synergy with your business offering or people that share your passion. 

Need a talented copywriter?

If you’re looking for an experienced copywriter or content marketer who can define your brand story, create customer personas, plan and create content based around your keywords, get in touch and we can arrange a free consultation to discuss your project. 

It doesn’t matter where you are as I work with businesses anywhere; London, Nottingham, Edinburgh, San Francisco and even as far away as Hawaii. 

About me: I’m Emma a copywriter and content manager based in Harrow, London. I have a passion for writing and for creating amazing content for brands that have a strong sustainable, social and ethical mindset.